About Us

Cavalet Luggage

Cavalet has a long history, having been founded in 1945 by Carlo Deer and Willy Olsen Kuffertfabrikken.

In 1945, the brand was so small that it was managed from a small basement in Söborg. As demand for their superior quality grew, as did the need for a larger premise and by 1961, the first factory was founded in Copenhagen. A few years after, the brand name changed to Rejse-let, before becoming Cavalet. Named after a type of lightweight bag and an aircraft - Caravelle. The rest is history and as the brand name grew, so did the product choice and it continues to grow.

Cavalet is renowned for producing high quality luggage that is both affordable and built to last. Each hard side suitcase comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, giving peace of mind to our customers. With modern designing, a vast choice of colors and designs and made from premium quality materials, we are confident that the Cavalet brand will continue to grow